Conjunctival Tumors


Conjunctival ocular surface squamous neoplasia typically presents as a non-pigmented gelatinous lesion near the limbus. It can have a gelatinous, papillary or leukoplakic appearance. It can be related to squamous cell carcinoma of the skin. Risk factors include smoking, exposure to UV light and immune suppression. These tumors stain positively with rose bengal. Modern imaging like spectral domain anterior segment OCT can differentiate and further characterize these tumors.

Treatment can be medical or surgery. For smaller tumors or tumors that need to be reduced in size prior to surgery the most common treatment is topical Interferon alpha2B drops taken for several weeks. Surgical treatment includes no touch technique wide margin excision with double freeze thaw cryotherapy to the edges. OSSN has a good prognosis when excised fully.